Pay for 2 months & receive 1 month rent free!

Rental FAQs

How does the contract work?

The contract is a monthly rent to own contract. We require 2 months paid up front to start the contract and then we provide you with 1 month rent free before monthly payments start. We apply 100% of your monthly rental payments off the balance of the instrument. You can continue to rent it monthly until it is paid in full. Early payoff discounts are available any time during the rental if you wish to pay off your balance in full. If you no longer need the instrument, you can stop the contract at any time by returning the instrument to us. Upon return, as long as you are up to date on your monthly rental payments and all required parts of the rental instrument are returned you would have no further obligation under the rental contract.


What is the difference between the different instrument grades?

For most instruments we typically offer 3 different grade categories:

  • New:  Instruments are brand new from the manufacturer. You will be the first person to rent this instrument.
  • Like New:  Instruments are previously rented instruments that are typically 1-2 years old and show slight wear consistent with their use.
  • Rental Return:  Instruments are previously rented instruments that are typically 3-5 years old and show wear consistent with their use.


All grades will play and function the same, the only difference will be the outer wear on the instrument from previous use. All of our rentals come with FREE maintenance on all normal wear and tear, so any choice will be kept in optimum playing condition for the duration of the rental.


What is the difference between a premium and a standard instrument?

You may see options for both premium and standard instruments under some school selections. Many teachers have specific brands or models that they want their students to get, while other teachers are more open to accepting just about any brand that we offer. We have broken down all of the brands that we carry into two pricing options: Premium and Standard. If you see both premium and standard options for your school, please rest assured that what we are offering for your school has been approved by your teacher. Our free maintenance on all of our rental instruments will ensure that your instrument will perform reliably for your student regardless of which selection you make.

Premium brands: Buffet, Conn-Selmer (Armstrong, Bach, Conn, Holton, King, Leblanc, Selmer, Vito), Gemeinhardt, & Yamaha

Standard brands: Blessing, Eastman, & Jupiter


Can I do a rental contract over the phone?

Rental contracts cannot be done over the phone. Contracts may be filled out online, at either store locations, or at your schools’ rental night.


How do I exchange my instrument?

If you need to exchange instruments, we ask that you do this in person at one of our two retail locations. You would need to return your current rental instrument at the same time you are renting the new instrument for any rental credit to be applied to the new rental. Our standard policy is that we will apply 50% of your accrued rental credit to another instrument as long as the new instrument is of equal or greater value and both instruments are for the same student.


How do I return my rental instrument?

Rental instruments may be returned at any time during the rental period. Instruments can be returned at either location during normal business hours.

  • All payments must be up to date at the time of return.
  • Rental payments are not prorated and therefore cannot be refunded.
  • Renter is responsible for the instrument until it is returned to our store.
  • All parts, excluding consumables, must be returned. This includes the instrument, case, complete mouthpiece kit, neck strap, and any other non-consumable items initially provided with the rental. Failure to return one of these items will incur the current replacement fee for the missing item.

Please keep in mind that returning the instrument results in the full loss of equity towards owning the instrument.

NOTE: If you wish to have us pick up an instrument for return at the school, you must notify our Lemay Ferry store first and leave the instrument with the director with instructions that you are returning the instrument. You are responsible for the rental payments until the instrument is physically returned to us, therefore leaving it in a band locker or home room does not constitute returning the instrument.


How will I be invoiced?

Online rentals will be enrolled in Autopay and will not receive a monthly invoice. We will run your recurring monthly payments on the credit card provided. You will receive an emailed receipt for each monthly payment if we have a valid email address on file.

If you would like to be taken off of Autopay, please contact our Lemay Ferry store at 314-631-1486 to receive paper statements in the mail or email for each monthly payment.

Past due notices for payments that are behind will be sent by paper statement in the mail.


How can I make a payment?

An automatic monthly credit/debit card payment.
Online Banking:
Many banks offer monthly bill pay where you set up the account and the bank sends us a check.
Payments can be made over the phone by credit/debit card at (314) 631-1486
Personal checks must include the account number in the memo and should be mailed directly to our office at 1590 Lemay Ferry Road, St. Louis, MO 63125
Money Order:
Money orders must include your account number and be mailed directly to our Lemay Ferry store at the address listed above.
Rental payments can be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card at either retail location during normal business hours.